The Embrace….

This morning, I took the team to the clinic and dropped them off and set out to make some new relationships for our future endeavors here in Africa. We are enlarging and strengthening our vision for the future. Praise God for the opportunity to help develop leaders and reach out to the hurting.

However, before we set out, I went down to the clinic, when I got out of the bus, I was embraced by numbers of sweet little Rwandese children grabbed me around my legs, held my hand, and hugged me tight. So open, so excited to see the muzungu (white person). No judgement of me, no fear, no rejection, no criticism, just pure unadulterated embrace. They laughed, and squealed with Joy. It melted my heart, it made me want to pick them all up, load them in the bus and bring them home with me. I wish I could, but unfortunately I can’t. What we can do, and are doing, is trying to help them have a future by teaching them how to be healthy, and giving them time with a doctor and medication that can help them. I saw this same thing have an impact on every team member, from the biggest guys and all the ladies, impacted by this type of embrace.

I had this thought, what if the whole church and every person who is the church had the same type of embrace to those needing Jesus. No judgement, no criticism, no rejection, just a party of acceptance and love poured out on them like someone who is a long lost member of the family. What a surprise that would be to people, and what an expression of the love of Christ.

My heart went out to them, because it was drawn out by their total embrace of me. What would make us so attractive to people who need and want change, would be to embrace them with the Grace of Jesus. So I encourage all of us, lets embrace others like Christ has embraced us. Let our faces shine with the bright smiles like those little impoverished Rwandan children, and embrace people with love.


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