Helping Single moms and Widows…

Today on our Edmond Campus we were able to help single moms and Widows with car care. Here were the results.

There were 40 volunteers, 33 cars in 6 hours, 22 scheduled, and 11 drive ups.

We changed the oil, oil filter and air filter on all the cars. We checked the tire pressure and all fluid levels. Then they were treated to a full cleaning inside and outside. This cleaning included Armor All on the dash, vacuuming, scrubbing the wheels and tires, a free air freshener and bottled water. While the ladies waited, their children played in our fun park and the ladies enjoyed free coffee, water and candy in our lobby. Several ladies were overwhelmed that we would help them in this way.

We replaced the wiper blades on one care and the lady almost started crying.
We replaced the belt on another, because it had almost dry rotted through and she could not believe it.
One car the transmission fluid would not register on the dip stick. On another, only 1 quart of oil came out of a 5 quart motor when we drained the oil. Several ladies had almost no brake fluid in their master cylinder.
Multiple ladies said they needed an oil change so bad and didn’t know how they were going to pay for it. Our volunteers were amazing. They faced constant rain and cold temperatures and would have stayed all day if they needed to.

This was a comment from one of the ladies.

“Thank you guys for this incredible blessing. I was needing an oil change pretty badly and was wondering how I was going to be able to afford it. You were an answer to my prayers. Im extremely greatful. Thank you for being the hands of Jesus.”


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