16 years ago today…God performed a miracle for my family…

This is a great day for my family in so many ways! My daughter Taylor is turning 16 officially around Seven a.m. this morning. I can remember that day like it was yesterday. Not just because she was born, but because of the miracle God performed when she was born.

Janae and I were so excited to be having our first child. I was so excited, when she went over her due date i became so nervous that I broke out in hives. We went for a normal check up and the doctor was trying to let it happen naturally but when we went in for the check up he realized Taylor had turned upside down and was presenting “frank Break” which means she was coming rear first.

Our doctor was terrific and a strong believer, he kept us calm and recommended we do a c-section. We agreed, prayed and believed everything was fine. So we went in, and prepared for the surgery very early in the morning, and our doctor came in and prayed for us and Taylor.

As they wheeled Janae away and prepared me to go in, we felt like everything was fine. A few minutes later we were united again in the surgery bay, and they began the surgery. I was like any dad at the time, waiting for the doctor to hold our new baby up so we could video her. As i was waiting it seemed they were having difficulty removing Taylor from the womb. The room became tense, and doctors begin to move around. Finally after a very aggressive attempt Taylor was delivered. He held her up quickly said, “she’s a beautiful little girl” and I got the video shot.

After a few minutes of her being delivered we didn’t hear any sound. Janae kept saying, “why don’t I hear her? Why isn’t she crying?” I said “Janae don’t worry everything is going to be fine,” but in my heart I knew something was wrong. Five minutes went by… nothing, 10 went by…nothing, 12 minutes went by… still nothing. Finally at 15 minutes she begin to cry! It was the sweetest sound I have ever heard. That fifteen minutes seemed like an eternity. Thank God for our doctor who would pray for us, and for Taylors doctor who was also there who wouldn’t give up on her.

After that she was taken to a room to have all the normal things done, and we were so relieved that we really just didn’t realize how serious the situation was. It was even funny because Taylor’s feet were up by her head and she couldn’t put them down for a day or so because she had been in the womb like that for days. We laughed and I have some funny pics.

Later the doctors came by with some information. They told us to be looking for possible hearing problems, possible Mental retardation. He begin to explain to us that due to her lack of oxygen to the brain for that long, she would more than likely be handicapped. We just made up our minds that would not be so. You see we weren’t supposed to be able to have kids, and God gave us Taylor and Sydney, and we know that God has something special for both of them.

We got the apgar score report which tells you how healthy your baby is at birth, breathing, heart rate things like that, Taylor’s was zero for 15 minutes. I went back and looked at the video, and I still do sometimes now, because as the doctor holds her up, you can clearly see there is no life in her she is blue and not breathing, no heart rate, nothing, but, OUR GOD IS FAITHFUL!

Taylor is a vibrant, healthy, intelligent student, with a passion for God that rivals anyone I know. She Leads worship, she sings and plays the acoustic guitar. She has taken mission trips to Mexico and Cambodia, and is going back this year with me. She makes a’s and b’s and is filled with purpose and intention, well, she just the coolest teenager I know!

So anytime you have someone say, I don’t think God does that anymore, I don’t know if healing is real, I think its just Gods will for that to happen, You can say, no, I know someone who has had a true documented miracle. Thank God for the doctors in the situation, Thank God for believing friends, Thank God for Setting our faith and determination that Taylor would live and not die, be whole and not broken.

I am so proud of Taylor, and I’m so thankful to God that today we celebrate the sixteenth birthday of my little Tay, and at the same time the sixteenth anniversary of Gods miracle working power in our lives.

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3 thoughts on “16 years ago today…God performed a miracle for my family…

  1. Oh my goodness. I am I tears reading this because basically the same thing happened with Cole. He wasn’t breach but was emergency C section and wasn’t breathing and wasn’t crying for a little under 5 minutes. What’s crazy is that at the time we of course were freaked because he wasnt crying, but it wasn’t until I went back and looked at the pictures that I saw. He was blue/grey and limp as a noodle. Taylor is such a great role model and awesome hope for me, even without knowing this about her. She is incredible and it’s now even MORE obvious that God has HUGE plans for her!! We love the Gadberrys!!

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