Something to Say about President Obama’s State of the Union Speech

I love this Country. I love what it stands for. I love the generosity of its people, and it’s compassion for the hurting. I love the freedom and the pioneering spirit of the people of this nation.

This nation is the proof of what can happen when people cooperate, when people stand for a cause. It seems lately however that we as a people are so self interested that we have lost sight of our cause. Its all become about power.

Our government is set up to combat that. I believe what we see happening right now with people speaking out, is this nation doing what our forefathers set it up to do, if it got off course. I know many people disagree on many things. I know many people reading this may not agree with me on a lot of things, but I’ll bet you we can find a lot of things to agree on.

Sometimes I wonder if we are so caught up repeating what we’ve heard, that we really aren’t thinking for ourselves. What I do know, and what I think most Americans can agree with, is that when you are in a financial crunch, you can’t spend your way out of it. I think we can also agree, we don’t know need people leading who say they know better than everyone else what we should do, but who’s solutions are political and not practical.

My hope is this state of the union will not be a speech to appease or please anyone. I hope this Speech will be one that is forthright and honest. That says, we need to change our plan of action. We have been majoring on the minors, and arguing over the peripherals while our nation is increasingly taking on debt and passing it on to our children’s Children. My hope is this speech will not be politically motivated but wisdom motivated. I Hope our President, doesn’t try to save face but instead faces the challenge of leading us out of the current situation. It doesn’t matter how we arrived here the time for arguing that is over. What matters is, that we think about our future. Not our personal political future but our nations future, our children’s future.

At some point Ladies and Gentleman in washington. Democrat, Republican, and Independent, this has to become about reality, not theory. The time for catch phrases and political posturing is over. We need you to pull together, and be solution oriented. I hope the president can pull the nation together tonight, and speak to the important issues, and take responsibility to lead us out. Then act responsibly, and competently for futures sake.

I honor our leaders, but if they can’t get together and put the politics aside and come up with a solution that will not bankrupt our children, and the legacy of this great nation, we should kindly ask all of them to step aside, and vote in some people who have the integrity to lead. Come on leaders, we need you.

My hope is that this state of the union speech will be the beginnings of a turn around that will make next years state of the union a much more positive reality.

That’s what I have to say, What do you have to say?



One thought on “Something to Say about President Obama’s State of the Union Speech

  1. Very eloquent and well phrased blog David. I, too, hope that our government can rally together and conquer this recession. We cannot allow the unemployment rate to go any further. I read a statistic today saying that 39% of Americans are in/near the poverty line. 39%! Beyond that, food stamps are being distributed to more and more people, currently at record levels! I’m not saying food stamps are bad; just outlining the urgency of a solution. Also, a bill was passed not too long ago that lengthened the amount of time that people could collect unemployment compensation from 29 weeks to something like 72! Personally, I view that bill’s passing as a lapse in judgement. I understand the premise behind it is to help those in need until they find a new job, but 72 weeks! It just seems as though our system is blatantly flawed. Very truly, our nation is degenerating into a welfare state where people have no motivation or incentive to put forth effort to provide for themselves.

    That being said, I am not against welfare. It is a noble cause that should be a part of every government. However, there comes a time when the government over-does what is necessary. I pray that our leaders eyes are truly opened and positive change takes place swiftly.

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