Something to Say about the NBC Late Night Fiasco

Well, I must say, I don’t watch late night talk shows much, but I have caught these shows enough to form an opinion. I like them all. All the guys are funny and for the most part their shows are very entertaining. Lets all remember that the decisions that will be made are bottom line decisions. Ratings, money, etc. It has very little to do with the likability of the people themselves.

I have always liked Jay Leno, but I have an opposing opinion to all of this. When they made such a big deal out of giving Connan the tonight show, several years ago, it was a great opportunity for him, but lets face it this is the “tonight show” The icon still connected to this is Johnny Carson. The “Tonight show” is an incredible long standing Franchise, and in my opinion should be left alone. Give Connan the time and chance to win over the audience, and boost his ratings. He is the best chance to get this upcoming generation attracted to the tonight show. Although Jay relates to the older generation, its time to move towards the future, (thats what I would be thinking if I were NBC)

Leno, wanted to go prime time. He touted his show, would be something completely different, fresh and new, and to be honest, it is the exact same show, with some furniture moved around. There is nothing different about it. Bottom line, it didn’t work. He took the chance, but it didn’t succeed. So in my mind, he should just take his lumps and move on. Let Conan, continue to build his audience and keep the franchise in place, or the future for it will be over. Thats what I have to say about that.

Thats just my opinion, what are your thoughts?



2 thoughts on “Something to Say about the NBC Late Night Fiasco

  1. Very true. I liked and watched both of them but I don’t plan on watching jay after this and I think jay will loose part of his crowd to this too.

    • Yeah, I’m afraid is going to come off looking like the bully here, pushing Connan out for an opportunity of his own. Its probably more complicated than that, but it will probably be seen that way.

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