Something to say about closing school and church because its cold…

I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s thought this, but I am a little stunned by the fact that we would closed school because its cold. I understand that many in OKC walk to school, I understand, because we don’t normally have this intense cold most are not geared up for it. I just can’t believe that we couldn’t come up with a more creative solution than to just close school. Now it doesn’t bother me, or cause me or my family any inconvenience i just thought is was strange that we would do that.

Second thought, I more than couldn’t believe the churches that I saw canceling services because it was cold. Come on guys, how do you build a church, convince people who are raised on not being inconvenienced to commit to a the cause of the kingdom when all it takes is a little cold weather to cancel services.

I know, I know you probably have reasons I don’t know about. However, lets gain some perspective. There are people all over this world, who in extreme heat, and extreme cold will travel hours and set in buildings with no heat and no air, because they are so hungry to worship God and hear his word.

My whole point here, is lets not look for ways to get out of things, lets have the attitude that come hell or high water, we are moving forward, and we are serving the kingdom.

Not meant to offend but, thats what I have to say about that.

For the school system, come on, we all know there are places in the country that have much colder weather and their in school, to the churches, come on, what’s up with that?


3 thoughts on “Something to say about closing school and church because its cold…

  1. I agree. States up North get worse weather all the time. We just need to start being more prepared, the winters are getting worse. It may be new to us..but we need to adapt. As we know and saw first hand in Cambodia sometimes it rains and floods (they still get to church) sometimes its so hot and humid there but they walk up many many many stairs and still get to service because it’s part of life and they are hungry for God. God shows up every second in our lives…so why would we cancel a second on him??? There are situations we have no control over like dangerous driving conditions but seriously…cold weather to cancel church?? The mall is even still open!!! If you can shop…you can praise the Lord. That’s just sad!!!

  2. Great thoughts David, we cancel church at -40, simply because it breaks cars and nobody needs to be walking down the road following a vehicle failure at -40. That being said, we have cancelled church once, maybe twice in my 5 winters here.

    • Len, I totally get it, I forget sometimes that what I write goes national and international. I totally understand 40 below. We had some guys around here that were closing and it was wind chill 15 below and about 0. I Just think it sends a bad message to people to say hey its cold lets not come to church. I think you guys are awesome and know you are doing things up their in Alaska. God bless you guys. Love ya

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