Change is a fact of life. Change is a product of growth. Change is inevitable. So why do so many people hate it, resist it, or fight it? Its really not hard to understand, change around us requires change within us. I heard someone say not long ago, everyone likes change, as long as its someone else doing the changing.

That statement is funny, but so true. What I have come to realize as a leader is is we are going to be progressive, forward moving, or successful in anything we do we must learn to lead through change. If what you’re doing is going to grow it must change. Look at a tree, when it grows it changes. It takes more room, it changes shape, and size. As it grows it creates new issues and needs. Its the natural way of growth.

We all say we want growth, but do we want the change that growth requires. When God puts opportunity in front of us, it requires change on our part. If we have to change the way we do things, it requires an internal change of submission in us.

In sharing vision with one of campuses about our new connect group ministry, I asked, “how many of you want to be a part of helping people becoming followers of Christ?” Of course everyone wants to be a part of this great cause, the question is are we willing for our lives, friendships, comforts, schedules to change to accomplish this.

We need to change our thinking. Change is good. Change is exciting! Change is growth. Remember fear paralyzes us. When we resist, hate, or fight change we are driven by fear. Positive change is a natural part of positive growth. So lets grow and change.

Embrace the Change!


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