Here we are in Hong Kong. One thing about Global reach trips there is a lot of hurry up and wait. We rush to this gate rush to that gate then we get to other airports and just set and wait. It gives you time to think and just mentally and spiritually prepare.

As i set here waiting to find out which gate we will be leaving from I think about all the preparation that has gone into this trip. The prep and organization and relationship connections that make what we are doing possible. It takes lots of communication, fund raising, and planning to make it successful.

Everyone loves the actual event. The action that is taken, the outreach, and the service, but none of these things can even happen if someone doesn’t love the preparation. There are seasons in our lives that are purely preparation times. I encourage you not to rush through, avoid, or ignore these times. Rather pay very close attention because the results will be profound personally, and collectively. Purpose is only fulfilled through preparation. there is no other way. So thanks Autumn, and Adrienne, Andrew and Allison, Travis, Nathan, Terry, Amy, Taylor, Tiffany, Kelly, Darci, and Kelsi for loving the preparation. We have raised money, we have trained, we have now traveled and tomorrow, we will use our preparation and impact someone’s life.

Stay tuned for updates and thoughts from Cambodia.



One thought on “Preparation…

  1. Pastor David and Team,
    That was a great blog and needed reminder to not rush through the seasons of preparation. God is so faithful to prepare us for action and not just drop us in the middle with no preparation. You all are in our prayers daily that God will protect you, use you in mighty ways and keep you flexible. 🙂
    We love Harvest and the mission teams! –Charlette

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