The responses to the last blog are available in the comments here on wordpress. Some people responded on facebook, here are those responses.

Michael Cobb says…
Very simple…….we need to change it!!! One person at a time……Christ did not build the church in mass…..He did it one soul at a time…individual relationships…….

Alie Newby says…
my thoughts are now that i’ve read it, what’s the plan of action to change it? what can i do personally to make a difference?

Brooke Elkins says…
think of times past, such as the Roman empire shortly before it’s fall. The greed, lust & selfishness of it’s people kept them from loving and helping others. That seems to be the time we Americans are living in. We are only concerned with our things and our desires, we can’t be bothered by other people’s problems. Yet we have all the tools … Read Moreneeded to save the world, just not the heart. I speak of America as a whole not as individual people. I pray everyday that Oklahoma will turn it’s heart back to God and serving His people and we will shine as a beacon to the world. We must rise up and help all who truly need it!!! I’m sad that most of us have only words of concern, but no actions.

Austin Ralstin says…
On the topic “something to say” i read it and had the biggest lump in my throat, it was hard to swallow.

On the topic “Press” I COULDNT AGREE WITH YOU MORE! Not only is it how we have been called to live but its healthy for us as well.
Prov 13:12 “Hope deferred makes the heart sick, But when the desire comes, it is a tree of life.”
If we could … Read Moretruly have the desire to change lives, that desire would truly change ours. We would be constantly cultivating environments that welcome/usher in unity. We would watch our speech and the way we act with not only non-believers (Colossians 4:5-6) but with one another (prov 4:24, prov 18:20, Ephs 4:12). Knowing the weight of our desire we would understand that it could not be achieved alone and in turn “Press” for a better understanding of God and His will (2 Peter 1:2) all the while holding strongly on to our Godly relationships. Honestly having a true desire as a “Body” i think that would be the answer to “something to say”

Be sure and read the comments on the previous blog, some good comments. It seems like everyone is saying some similar things, Its wrong, something needs to be done, what can we do?

Tomorrow I will write on what we are doing, and what can be done. We can’t do everything, but we can do something, and what we will never do is nothing.

thanks for the responses and comments, lets get more people in on the conversation and more solutions will come.



One thought on “Responses….

  1. I love the frustration point. It’s so easy to feel that way at times. That might only build up resentment and then nothing gets done.

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