Royal Treatment

America’s orphans are Foster Kids. The bible says in James, that True religion is helping the widows and orphans. If we want to really be doing ministry it must include widows and orphans.

There are two reasons why a kid would be in foster care. Either they have been severely neglected or abused. Abuse could include physical, emotional, sexual, or mental. Neglect, could be not taking care of basic needs for your child or forcing the child to care for themselves and their siblings. We have seen some horrific situations. Although many times it is very necessary to remove a child from their home, but even that event is so traumatic, that many times the child thinks they have done something wrong, and thats why they are being removed.

How do we minister to these kids, who are in such desperate need of acceptance, love, and compassion. Many Foster Kids have no idea when there real birthday is. Many have clothes that have just been handed down several times. Many have lost all sense of the family construct. Many have been moved around so many times that they are behind in school. I once encountered a foster kid, who was in 10th grade and had been in 12 different school in his life time. You can imagine how this would effect him.

So how do we reach these kids, how do we connect with them. We have a big Christmas party for them and get them presents. We have the camp that is happening right now. its Royal Family Kids Camp. It is a camp that is based on Treating these kids like Royalty.

Many don’t know when their birthday is or have never had a b-day cake. So we throw them a giant birthday party, give each of them a cake and birthday presents.

many of the girls struggle with self esteem so we give them etiquette classes and put on a big Gala Dinner. Its called Princess Party. Each girl is dressed in a donated formal, they get a tiara, and they are announced as they come in the room, and they are escorted by a male counselor dressed in a suit and tie. Then they eat a really nice dinner and desert, and then they are told the story of Esther. She was a foster Kid, she was beautiful inside and out, and although she had bad circumstances God used her as a great leader just as he would like to use each of them. The point is they are very special to God and they need to know that. So the night is a beautiful night reinforcing to them how truly special they are.

We throw a big bonfire and trail story for the Boys. they love it and we end the night with smores.

The week is filled with so much fun, swimming, horse back riding, great chapel services, and so much more. Its just a way of showing them that they are loved, accepted and cared for.

Truthfully they are royalty, their Gods kids and He loves them, and with all these efforts that is what we are trying to get across to them. God loves them, and is there for them.

Its a great program, its a great opportunity, and it really does make a difference in the life of each camper.

So when you get a chance, do something nice for a foster Kid, for a foster parent, or for a dhs worker. Do something to help these kids that just need someone to look after them.



3 thoughts on “Royal Treatment

  1. Great blog! I love love love what you guys are doing with these kids & the camp. I definitely want to volunteer next year. I have a huge heart for kids, orphans (foster kids) in partiular, would love any opportunity to help serve them. We learn so much from you guys and this is one more area we can learn from. Geat job! If it’s ok for me to voluntter as an “outsider” please let me know next year. I’ll come to all the meetings and do whatever is asked of me. Thanks!

  2. wow, you touched my heart. i almost cried, seriously. That has made me so happy someone is reaching out to such an extent, totally unselfish ! may God richly bless those children and those who give.

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