No place like Home…

Something happened when we were in Rwanda. Something that caught us all off guard. It was so surprising, it evoked emotion immediately and unexpectedly. It made us all so proud, and so inspired. It was truly a great moment.

When we were at the university of technology in Kigali, and had the night with the next generation, where we thought about 300 hundred would gather and over a thousand showed up. It was an inspiring night in itself. The passion with which these young men and women worshiped, the talent of the singers and dancers. The response to the challenging word I spoke on the responsibility and hope of Rwanda. There was one thing however that happened, so spontaneous, so completely unexpected that it blew us away.

The night was an all night event, so because we had a leadership conference to finish the next morning we left about 1:30 a.m. Before we left I wanted to introduce the entire team to all the young people. As i was going down the list, telling who these people were and what they did, and what it took for them to come, they were so receptive, and cheered and clapped. It was great. Then it happened. I got to Sam Laymen, who is an airplane electronics engineer, and in the U.S military. I introduced him, and what he did, then I said, he is in the Air force, he is in the U.S. Military. That placed erupted! They cheered and clapped and cheered and clapped, it was so unexpected that I got emotional, pride swelled in me. The thought came to my head. The world does not hate America, no matter what the media says, not matter what some in America think. That place went crazy when we said he was in the military. We all teared up, and I explained to them, why that would mean so much to us, and i told them thank you for loving America, and America’s military.

I left there conflicted. Realizing that I had not known how effected I was by the constant bombardment of negative reports about our nation. I realized that it wasn’t true. I realized how proud I am to be an American. We were all just blown away.

I thank God that He is using us to help other nations and other peoples around the globe. I thank God for placing me and my family in the United States of America, so we could have the mindset and the prosperity to be able to do what we do. When we go, we are not trying to turn other nations into the western world. I train our people that is not what we are doing, we are helping and sharing the Gospel, but at the same time we are not ashamed of America, we are thankful and proud of our nation and what it stands for. Lets not lose that.

God bless America! There is no place like home.



2 thoughts on “No place like Home…

  1. Wow! What a humbling, yet proud moment that must have been. It brought tears to my eyes. You are so right. The media are the ones who usually shape our perceptions of things in the US and around the world. We must use serious discretion in what we allow “in” our minds which will ultimately effect our perceptions and attitudes. Good blog Pastor David!

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