You can live in the shadows, or the light….

Tonight’s meeting with Ambassador Simington was a real treat. We had met with the ambassador at the embassy and he invited the whole team to his house, or “our house” as he liked to call it.

We came in and he introduced us to a couple of friends from the peace core. Nice people. We set around and talked as the staff brought us drinks and snacks. He asked the entire team their name, what thy did in life, and what most impacted them about Rwanda. It was a very interesting conversation. After everyone had shared, he began to tell some stories. He ended with a story of his visit to the Genocide Memorial.

The second story of the memorial is dedicated to the children who were killed in the genocide. He said he had noticed something particular about the photos. The pictures were obviously of dead children, and it reminds us of the atrocity of the genocide. He said, however, if you look at the photos all the children’s eyes look they have a bright light in them. It was from the flash bulb, not the red eye effect but the flash bulb reflecting in their eyes. He said when he noticed it he had the thought. The Rwandan people have a choice, they can live in the shadows of the past or the light of the future.

He teared up when he said it, it was a very moving moment for he and the team. You know Jesus said that he was the light of the world. He also goes on to say that we are the light of the world.

When we are reaching out to others, when we are sharing the love of Christ, in practical ways, in spiritual ways, in any way, we are carrying that light and we are modeling that light.

They key to Rwanda being all it could be has to do with that light. The light of the world Jesus himself. They can make laws, they can build an infrastructure, they can do a lot of things, but what will truly make a difference is a heart change. A relationship with Jesus Christ.

I was inspired by the Ambassador, he cares about America and about Rwanda, and how we can help them. I’m encouraging you. Reach out and help someone else, whether in Rwanda, or in your own neighborhood. Live out of the light of the future, and not in the shadows of the past.

So now we go home and start planning for next year, and in the mean time, reach foster kids in our county, teens from around the nation, then leave for Cambodia and help widows and orphans there and teach leadership through Christ to those who want to learn.

Don’t just see the light, be the light.

God bless you



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