One God move after Another….

Had a great meeting with the minister of Justice Here in Rwanda yesterday. He is a great man, who cares deeply for his nation. He had a firm grasp on where they are and where they need to go, and what it is going to take to get there. The good thing is that there are many places and ways to help, and it seems they are very open to our participation.

We are going to do our best to partner with them for the benefit of their nation. He said he was excited because we were not just talking but we have shown our desire to help coming back several years and training leaders and help the poor with the medical clinic. He helped us with others we could and needed to talk to and said he was available to us for further help if we need it.

We met with the Rector of the Law Center. Vestina was a great lady and is from Uganda. When we do the leadership seminar for law students next year it will be at this place. All the law students in Rwanda must go through this center to learn law and ethics. She was wide open to us helping and we were so appreciative of her time. What a great lady. She has a great challenge and no doubt she is up to it. She is from Uganda and I told her I had been there and that we helped watoto last year, and that we love Gary and Marilyn Skinner’s ministry at KPC and she said that was her home church. Wow! God is giving us great friendships all over Rwanda that we can partner with to help this great nation.

So we are meeting with the US ambassador today and he is a great man, anxious to meet with us, and we are excited to meet him.

There is plenty of need, in this nation, and it will take great partnerships to make it happen, so we are allowing God to open those doors and use us to make a difference.

I am missing home a bit, especially my girls, My wife Janae, my girls Taylor and Sydney, but they tell me, a little time away is worth it, to help people. I agree.

God is good, and He does good!



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