I love Rwanda

We have had a great Sunday! I had the privilege of being in Pastor Jackson’s church this morning, they had a big choir of young people that sang their hearts out. It is truly awesome how they worship.

We had a great time, I spoke on being blessed to be a blessing. We talked about the good Samaritan and how the church must reach out to the hurting and bring them in to safety. They responded well. They are so receptive to the challenge of growth and compassion.

Saturday we had our last day of the Leaders conference it was truly remarkable. We had one of the district leaders with us and he was so moved. He was a great man. Very inspiring. On Friday night we had our next generation meeting, and it was way beyond what we expected. The level of passion and purpose that these young adults have is amazing. We showed up and their hopes were that there would be at least 300 people their. Turns out over 1000 under 30 young adults (college students) showed up.

The meeting was so moving. Lots of praise and worship, lots of dancing and fun. Then I had the honor of speaking to them. It was a God moment, that I wont even attempt to describe but definitely had future implications. This nation has a very bright future.

We had a glitch with our medical clinic. There is paper that didn’t get signed. So we have to meet with the minister of health to get it through so we can start the clinic on Tuesday. We were concerned and so we prayed. We were connected thru pastor Jackson to a young man, who is a well trained Doctor and Captain in the Rwandeese military. He just happens to be President Kagame’s personal doctor. He is personal friends with the minister of health, and he is going to meet with him, to get approval and has agreed to work in the clinic with us. Wow! God just doesn’t stop making a way and giving us favor. This trip has turned into one testimony after another.

Yesterday we were at the orphanage and their were two litte girls that were telling me scriptures. They had gone to church and were taught these scriptures, but they did not have a bible of their own. They wanted to see my bible to read some scriptures to me. So they looked them up and read them to me and they read remarkably well. I was so excited to hear them read the word. I had to get them a bible, I was going to give them mine, but still needed it for the rest of the trip. One of our team, jayme had brought a bible just to give it away and felt like God was telling her to put it in her bag that day. So there we were in a position to give them a bible so we did. Thats not where the story stops. One of the scripture they read to us was Psalm 100:1-2. I went to the next generation festival and was listening to music, and preparing to speak, all of a sudden i got really sick. My stomach was sick, a fever came on me all of a sudden I felt horrible. I kept hearing that little girls voice saying Psalm 100:1-2 but I couldn’t remember what it said, so I turned there and It says, “bless the Lord Oh my soul and forget not his benifits, he has forgiven all our iniqueties, and healed all our diseases. That was so powerful in my heart that I said God I know this is true and I receive it. I immediately was healed. The fever left, my stomach settled and I was able to really hear from God and share a strong word with these young people. God really moved.

We have had so many great things like that happen. So many new connections. So many requests to go to different places and bring the word of leadership. We have been invited to the Kongo, to Uganda, and to Butari to name a few. God is opening doors.

The team is doing fine. Stephanie is a superstar, she is a good leader and did so well with the orphans and getting them glasses. Owen and Charlotte, have been incredible, connecting with leaders and people. Helping with everything without reservation. They went and spoke in a local pastors church today and did so well, they were such a blessing.

Jayme has such a mothering spirit and is connecting with so many of these great kids and youth and pastors, She is very enthusiastic.

Cindy is a superstar, She has worked through many things with the medicines already, and has done well organizing the clinic.

Cory and Bobby Reddinger, are simply stellar. Their heart is so wide and full, and they both communicated some powerful things in the leadership conference.

Sam layman, he has to be the nicest guy i have every met. His heart is so tender and he has truly been affected, and he has affected the lives of others as well. He jumps right in with both feet.

Andrea Stefaniak, and her husband chad are great new additions to our stillwater campus and man she has been such a contributor on this team already. Always positive, I don’t think this girl knows how to be negative.

Its been great so far, and its only the first week. Tomorrow we meet with the minister of Justice, we speak at the university of Rwanda in Butari, we meet with the rector of The law school and get prepped for the clinic. Clinic on Tuesday.

Everyone is healthy, everyone is happy, and everyone is very proud of the things God is using us to do.

Praise God!SDC10932


3 thoughts on “I love Rwanda

  1. What an incredible couple of days!!! I pray that you are able to make the most out of every minute you all have there. Keep strong friends!

    You are supported by the prayers of many and the hands of a big God.

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