another great day

Today was simply incredible. Our leadership conference continued. Our friends from Uganda led some music, they are a powerful team, the sing beautifully and dance? Wow! Cory Redinger gave a great word. I taught the leaders on the idea that Excellence in leadership requires wisdom. Wisdom is very important. It’s the practical application of the knowledge we have. We looked at the life of Joseph and how the leadership principles he practiced were based on wisdom, and if applied to our own lives will bring huge success.

After conference we had some lunch at a nice little African restaurant, it was very good. The team is doing great, they are so flexible and are going with the flow. God is changing all of us in different ways.

We then went out to an orphanage and tested kids for glasses and fitted many with new glasses. What a great opportunity for ministry. We played with the kids. We used crafts, games, We pulled all the girls together and I told them the story of Esther and how God really loves them and wants them to be great leaders as well, and that they are important and God values them highly.

It was great experience; it has given us many thoughts about how to bring some solutions to some of the problems Rwanda is having.

The weather has been excellent. We are now getting something to drink at a restaurant and meeting with our team, then we are going to the next generation all nighters’. That’s right unknown to us they turned it into an all night worship fest with me speaking and our Uganda team doing music and many others singing and dancing. I am hearing that groups from all over Kigali are coming. It should be fun. We won’t stay all night because we have the leaders meeting tomorrow for one last day, morning and afternoon sessions.

More to come, we are loving it and have had great impact, and it has changed us as well as them. It is amazing, when you can see leaders grow and develop and feed and care for orphans all in the same day. What a life? The global reach for 2009 is going strong.

God Bless

2 thoughts on “another great day

  1. what you allhave done was really great .. ! Giving hope and love for those kids is alot in fact. I think we can make this world a better place for human being only if we try and work together.

    God Bless You .

  2. PDiddy that so awesome to hear of the wonderful things that are happening with you and the team praying for you all. Can’t wait to hear more of the thing God is doing there

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