leadership is universal…

This year again I am so blessed by the pastors and leaders here in Rwanda, they truly want change, and are hungry to know better how to lead and develop leaders.

We had a great conference today, we have with us a friend from Uganda Pastor Samuel who brought a team of guys that sing and dance. They are amazing! High Energy. Just the way we like it at harvest.

Owen spoke for a few minutes on radical change, we are being flexible as our itinerary seems to be the most fluid thing here. Its really funny they are trying to get us into as many things as they can.

I spoke a message this morning on the heart of God. This afternoon on a spirit of Excellence. We had a Q and A which never fails to amaze me. Their questions are intense and they are hungry for true training and answers.

The leaders here are like leaders everywhere else. They need validation, they need encouragement, they need inspiration, and direction.

So what’s next? Tomorrow more leaders conference, then we go to an orphanage and fit them all who need it with glasses and take them food. Then tomorrow night starting at 9 pm our Next generation meeting. Which we found out today is an all nighter. Fortunately we get to go back after a few hours to sleep for the next day of conference. We will be in different churches on Sunday. Monday starts the medical clinic and Owen and I get to meet with the rector of the nations leading Law School, more to come. Please continue to pray for the teams strength. We are having a great time.

Please respond when you read these and be blessed.IMG_0145IMG_0259SDC10919SDC10783


4 thoughts on “leadership is universal…

  1. That’s great to read about what’s going on over there. Send more pictures. I wish I could be there with you all! Sounds amazing! We’re keeping you all in our prayers!

  2. Thanks for the update! Knowing what you guys are doing helps me better know what to pray for when praying for the team. Also, it’s encouraging to hear how flexible the team is being. It reminds me of when Simon and Andrew dropped their nets and followed Jesus when He called them. Straightway they followed Him, forsaking all they had…

  3. So glad you guys are there! Emily and I are praying for your team and the people you’ll reach!!

    Mad love from the Pierces!!

    Jim, Emily, Simba, Neko & Nesta

  4. Great to see the Laughlins in the pictures!! Glad God is moving in Rwanda. Will keep you in our prayers.

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