much needed rest…

It seemed as if we were traveling for a week. This whole team is so flexible and so willing to do whatever is needed. I can already tell this is going to be a real success.

We had a great day on the lay over at London. London is a cool place i cant wait to go back and take my family and spend some time there. Owen and Charlotte are superstars, Jayme and Emily are doing great, and Andrea is ready to get to work, although she says she is ready to sleep right now….we all are. Bobby and Cory Redinger are truly right at home and ready to help and minister. and Sam laymon acts like he’s been doing this all his life, and Stephanie of course is awesome and being her ornery self, which makes the trip.

So we have gotten in our rooms, we have had a good meeting with our friends and we start the conference tomorrow. I look forward to it. We have had to change the plans a bit, but then that is why we are schedule. We thought it would start at 1 we just found out it has been advertised for 9 am. Hello, flexibility. I have trained our team and drummed it into their heads be flexible, and the first thing I’m faced with is we are changing the program. so we flex and we do what needs to be done.

Well the team is great, the time is right, the medical clinic plans are under way and everything is in place.

This week is going to be life changing for many, including our team.



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