Next Generation….

OK, I’ve had it…Sound mad don’t I? Not really, I just hear so much talk about how bad the Next generation is coming up. It May be true for some, but I know a lot of young people who are productive, who care about life, who care about the important things. It will not be some political plan, some technology, some process or ideology that ushers in the next great thing, or the next great leadership movement. It will be the leaders of this next generation. The young people so many love to hate today.

I know that all we hear about is the negative on everything, partially because the media stokes that fire, and partially because we buy the smoke. However There are some great young leaders coming up. Oh there not in Hollywood, they are not even visible to you and I, but they are there and they have some thoughts.

My Daughter is one of those. Guess what, My daughter is not in to drugs, My daughter is not caught up in things that are illegal or self destructive. Now hold on before you judge me for being prideful, which, alright I’m a little guilty of, She isn’t perfect, and she tries my patience on a consistent basis, just by being a teenager, I try hers as well.

Taylor turned 15 today, she is, and I can’t say this without partiality, one of the best kids I know. She really wants to change the world. She cares about people, she cares about her relationship with Jesus and allowing Him to use her life, and their are tons like her. Volunteering, using their gifts and talents, and time to help others.

I think our future looks bright! I love it that my daughter wants to change the world. That can sound kind of idealistic to us over 40 crowd. I must still be idealistic too then cause I’m trying to change the world as well. So Taylor is going with me to Cambodia this year, and we will do our best to help others together, and by the way, that’s how you change the world. So all you young people out there, we believe in you, we see potential in you, and we are depending on your leadership and enthusiasm in the future to help change the world.

I have people ask me all the time how did you get your daughter to think like that, to be like that. I use to say, just the grace of God, but the truth is a little more specific than that.

1. I spend time involved in her life, and listening, cultivating and supporting her dreams and talents.

2. I surround her with dreamers. I have lots of friends who are big thinkers, and world shakers and I get her around them and let her listen and naturally they speak into her life.

3. She is planted in a great church and has great Pastors and pastoral figures speaking into her life, and helping to encourage and support her.

4. We Talk, talk, talk about everything.

5. I have listened to parents who have gone before me, and employed their advice.

6. She has the most incredible down to earth yet faith filled mother on the planet.

7. She surrounds herself with friends who are full on committed to Christ and she creates friendships with kids who she is reaching out to for Christ.

I can hear someone saying right now, well she’s still young and she could mess up. Yep, and probably will, Thank God for His Grace and the knowledge that His dreams for her do not hinge on my imperfections, her mothers, her leaders or hers, but rather on His perfection.

So Thank God for Taylor and her generation….Can’t wait to see how the world changes.


4 thoughts on “Next Generation….

  1. hey this is great. It’s so rare to hear people affirming today’s teens. As a young mum (I’m Australian,hence the spelling!), in her 20s, who’s spent the last 4 years in youth & young adults ministry, I definitely agree that there are plenty of great young people out there. They have a hope and a purpose, they have a strong sense of social justice… i think maybe the division comes from older generations perhaps not realising that the legacy of apathy they have left those of us Gen Y and below has meant that many of us feel the burden of having to clean up the mess we’ve inherited.

    I will also admit that plenty of teens do spend too much time isolating themselves, and I do find it somewhat sad at the shopping centre watching groups of young people walking around together, each with his/her own set of headphones on… it’s not very sociable. But as parents and people in positions of pastoral care, I believe it’s up to us to help them develop social skills. Even just simple things, like etiquette, politeness, and not answering your mobile phone in the middle of a movie!

  2. This is one of the most powerful testimonies I’ve read in a long time. I love it! Andy and I are so blessed that we have your family in our life. We look up to you and Janae so much! I want my kids to be like yours!!

  3. This is awesome, and I couldnt agree more about the next generation. Some people are ready to give up, but its not time to give up, its time to look closer at the positive aspects of todays young people. Its time to empower this next generation of leaders to become what God has for them to be.

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