Servolution….Day 4

This morning about 9 am a group of volunteers from our MWC campus went down to the local DHS office, where there are about 110 employees.  DHS employess have a very high stress job, they are looked at negatively by so many.  There job is hard most of the time.  Its very easy to get burned out, and the turn over rate is very high.  We know that one of the reasons for burn out, is the feeling that we are not appreciated.  We thought, “how can we serve them.”  We decided we just wanted them to know how much we appreciate them.  So we took food and drinks and filled their break room with all kinds of things for them.  Then we made each of them a goodie bag for themselves, it had home made desserts in each with a thank you card that told them how much we appreciated what they did for the community.

They were so grateful for what we did, one lady responded by going back to her office and writing us a thank you note, here is what it said…

“Dear Thoughtful Ones,

Before I dive into these delicious treats that you have provided us, I wanted to thank all of you for being so thoughtful.  I have worked this job for over 18 years and this is the first I’ve seen a church come in and show us such love and appreciation.  Thanks for all you do in the service of the Lord.  Your kindness has not gone unrecognized.”

So many great people serve our cities, our states, and our nation in roles of service with very little appreciation.  We need to let them know how much we appreciate what they do for all of us.

I spoke to a leader in our DHS the other day, and she said she felt like what she was doing was a calling.  She said most of the people who work in this field, at least the people who last in this field fill that way.  Lets help them stay encouraged and keep up the good work they do.



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