Servolution Day one

Wow! What a blast! Who knew that handing out water could be so fun, and create so many great interactions. It is completely unnatural to role your window down at an intersection and take a free bottle of water from a stranger but thousands did it tonight. They were surprised, thankful, inquisitive, and even made commitments to come to church on Easter. One lady said, “I’m coming just because you people are so Happy.”

Our teams at Stilwater, OKC, Edmond, and Midwest City, all had great turnouts of volunteers and handed out a lot of water. First day was big success.

Its interesting, how a generous act opens the heart of people. How just being Kind, with no agenda makes people smile. When we would say would you like a free bottle of water they would say “really?” They would ask, “why are you doing this” of course the answer is showing the love of Jesus In a practical way. Just want to serve the community. The response was amazing.

We had way more than enough volunteers, so we just grabbed garbage bags and started picking up trash. It felt so great to truly be contributing to the community.

I love servolution, our people Love servolution, and we are taking it as a mandate to live out servolution every day.

7 days? How about 70 x 7?

Jesus loves people, and we get to show them. Its awesome!



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