I have something to say

Check, check….testing 1,2,3…is this thing on? Everybody listen up….I have something to say.

Human trafficking is a plague on our globe, the trading of human lives, human beings especially children for abusive labor practices and the sex trade, forced prostitution.

I say this in this way, to get attention. Every year when I travel to different places i see this problem. Its brought on by poverty, by corruption, by greed. Whatever the reason is its an emergency that everyone do what they can to stop it. I have realized that it is so easy for us to see reports about this and hear stories about it, and be completely enraged, but then easily put it out of our mind. So this is me saying, wake up, listen, pay attention, don’t forget that right now, while you are free, there are children that are slaves of mean spirited pimps who farm them out to perverted people to do horrible sexually perverted and physically abusive things to them.

Be reminded that as you eat with your family tonight, that they have been yanked out of the bosom of their family to by isolated and abused. Just think when your kids lay in their clean beds tonight, they will sleep if they can, in filth and poverty and hunger, after they have been forced to sale their bodies any where from 10 to 40 times a day.

As you look at your teenager tonight remember that the average age for a girl in the sex trade today is 14

Check, check, is this thing on? So lets do what we can. What we are doing is partnering with organizations who are involved with rescuing efforts and with after care efforts. We also realize that children who are captive to human trafficking or usually victims of poverty, and have lost their family’s. So we are building orphanages, and we are working with medical clinics, and we are partnering with local churches and leaders to reach out and help these children, with food, clothing, medical care, ministry and education.

We can’t do everything, but we can do something, and what we will never do, is nothing.

Just a reminder, its something I’m very passionate about, and want people to take a moment to remember.

Thank you, and good night.


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