God wants to do great things for us and does them. The other side of that relationship is the thanksgiving, praise, and love that is due him, not just for what He does but for who he is. That’s what we contribute.
Mark 14:3 3 And being in Bethany at the house of Simon the leper, as He sat at the table, a woman came having an alabaster flask of very costly oil of spikenard. Then she broke the flask and poured it on His head.
I personally think this is one of the greatest depictions of worship in the bible. Here is a woman who had been forgiven of great sin, and freed from major bondage. Jesus is reclining and eating with his friends. They were listening to and expecting something from Him. There was one person in that room, however, who had already received so much from Him, that she had but one objective, to worship her Lord. She faced the opposition of men, who would think it inappropriate for a woman to behave that way. She faced the obstacle of religious mindsets. However, her desire to worship the king of her heart, the answer to her prayers, and the savior of her soul, was greater and more compelling than the obstacles she faced.
What she did was phenomenal. First her gift was unbelievably generous. The perfume that she carried was worth a year’s salary. This could have been her life savings. It was rare, so it could have been something left to her that she would leave to her children. She took that very expensive gift and then did something even more interesting. The bible says she broke the bottle, revealing her heart, to give all of it, she would not keep any for herself she would pour out the whole gift on Him. I would imagine, if we could ask, she would think it less than what she wished she could have given. She made it clear, no matter what else was going on in that room, to her there was only one important thing, and that was worshipping her Lord. “Keep talking if you wish”, she might have said, “but I am going to worship”, “criticize me if you must”, she thought, “but I am going to worship.”
What are the results of this kind of worship? The fragrance of her worship filled the room. No matter where Jesus went from that point he carried the smell of her worship. Not only he, but she was fragrant as well. When we worship, the fragrance of Heaven invades our lives and affects all that we are and do, and we become to the world a reflection of heaven.
Peace, contentment, and life are found in the presence of our King, and he is deserving of our passionate praise and worship. So, today take time to worship your Lord and listen to his voice, and let your heart beat with His heart beat, as you diligently worship


One thought on “worship

  1. Pastor David,

    Liked the blog on Worship. I started a bible study recently –91 days of Prayer and Praise and each day is so amazing. The word is so precious to me….something happend in my relationship with God recently…I think it has alot to do with the foucs that I had enough of –Not liking myself, not seeing how/why God would love me… and really started to focus and open myself to recieve His love for me. I have never been able to look at myself and say that I love myself or understand how others could – but now I see… I have allowed myself to recieve God’s love and forgiveness towards me and I have a love for myself that I never had before. It is so freeing. –And my time, conversation, and heart towards God is at a place I used to only imagine and dream about. It also has caused me to have a deeper love and care for those around me.
    Keep writing,

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