Getting older and excited about it….

I have a great life!  I hear people my age so often say, “I wish I could be young again.”  I’m not very old, i’m actually only 39, but that is almost 40 and to many that seems old.  My wife Janae and I have decided we don’t want to be that young again.  Not that we didn’t love every minute of it, but truthfully I love being married 20 years.  I think its great to have the passion of new ideas and also some experience to go with it.  I love Knowing the excitement of risk, and what it truly means to take one.  I like having fun with my friends and have serious conversations but at the same time, knowing not to take myself to seriously.  I wouldn’t go back, but I am doing my best to keep the best elements of being young in my life.

I do that by dreaming, keeping the dreams passionately stirred up inside me and my family.  I told my wife two years ago, because I’ve had several friends go through some devastating mid life crisis.  I said I will not allow myself to be kicked off course.  So two years ago I set some goals.  Spiritually, mentally, and physically, and relationally.  I have kept myself aiming for those goals, and have seen my life improve in every area, and not allowed myself to become disallusioned by insecurity.  I’ve had my moments and mental battles, and Im sure will still have but this has truly helped me.

I told myself I would run a marathon before 40  which is quite a challenge because at the time i was way over weight.  5’9  250 way to heavy.  In this time i have lost over 50 lbs and and last monday i ran 9 miles without stopping at a decent pace.  My marathon on November 16th, so I will be meeting a personal goal and a spiritual goal at once.  I am using my race to raise money for our global reach efforts to stop human trafficking.

I love my life, I don’t want out, I don’t want to go back, I don’t regret.  I am doing my best to become what God created me to be, and loving every minute of it.

what are you doing to work this time in your life…i’d love to hear about it.



4 thoughts on “Getting older and excited about it….

  1. I totally enjoyed this post. However, my experience has not been like yours. I spent almost 30 years as a Humanitarian Aid Relief Coordinator & Educator for First Responders. This allowed me to enter numerous nations across four continents. In the midst of all this success, I was married to an abuser for almost 25 of those years. Being outside the USA while in a personal crisis that lasted so long has taken a toll on me that I never dreamed possible. Yes…the leadership over us were aware of what was going on.

    To make matters worse, when I did come home permanently, I was told I could not possibily be “a real Christian” due to my political beliefs. To say I was stunned is an understatement of vast proportions. My life has always been an open book and to hear this felt as if I’d been kicked. Of course, I was questioned incessantly about “why” I think as I do. Once I was able to finally share how I’d come to the conclusions I did…they no longer verbally told me I could not be “a real Christian”.

    Yet, over the course of a few months it was made crystal clear that I was no longer welcome within my own circle of “friends”….I was divorced. In spite of the fact I’d suffered a fractured eye-socket and broken jaw (due to being hit with a hammer)…it was my fault. If I’d have prayed more, fasted more…and 101 other things…a divorce would never have happened. (This incident is only one of many over the course of more than two decades)

    Now, I’m remarried to the most amazing man on the planet. However, due to all the years of abuse…it’s left me with significant health issues. I’m working as a freelance writer/educator. Praise the Lord…I’m still ‘plugged in’ to all the folks I’d fallen in love with overseas. All the work is flourishing to this day…as it was by His direction.

    Many times I wish I hadn’t seen so much, yet, these are the very things my heart will never relinquish. I mentioned many of these experiences on my blog.

    Thank you for painting such a vivid ‘word picture’ on this post. It was an absolute delight to read.


    PS I covet your prayer support

  2. Michelle,

    thanks for your response. Unfortunately there are many religious minded Christians in the world, who do not behave or think in the least like the originator of Christianity, Christ himself. Many times they make judgments without understanding the full context of an issue. God bless you for not giving up, and not turning your back on Jesus, even when some of His “representatives” turned their back on you.

    I will definitely pray for you.


  3. I’m deeply appreciative of the knowledge that you’ll be praying for me.

    You are absolutely correct in saying that there are many “religious minded Chrisitans”…these are the ones that I’ve witnessed countless times…pollute the Gospel to the point it’s unrecognizable.

    In His Hand,


  4. I have come from a background where I have seen a lot of that and to be honest most of the people truly do mean well, they are just lead wrong. I believe things are changing in the church however….We are doing our best to help it along. Keep your head up.

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