eyes wide open…

It is hard to imagine that there is a world out there, a coordinated, systematic, organized network of pedaphiles who prey on the innocents of little girls.  It’s hard to imagine that there are people in this world who would sale their own children into this ring of perversion for a little money and the relief of the responsability of another mouth to feed.  I know, we want to keep our eyes shut, if I just don’t see it, then I don’t have to deal with it.  If I act as if it does not exist then to me, it doesn’t and i have no responsability. 

Do not be decieved, this world does exist and it is based on two things, perversion and unadulterated greed.  Men, getting out of convictions because the grease the right palm.  Men not being prosicuted, becuase there is money to be made and no one cares about the lives it is destroying. 

My problem is I have seen the lives face to face.  The beautiful little innocent, precious lives.  Little girls who love to play, and to be appreciated and to be treated like a princess, have been taken into the depths of perverse abuse, not just molestation, or even rape, but sado masicistic abuse.  There are those who have been rescued or made it back home out of the nightmare only to be sold again.  I can’t stand it, I can’t tolerate it.  I won’t.  I have made up my mind to have my eyes wide open.  I am so excited, there are many great organizations who are doing something about his problem.  Attacking it head on to stop it.  They are directly rescuing girls, sheltering girls and give them after care. 

We are proud to be part of helping to stop human trafficking.  We were able to spend time and resource to give the girls in a rescue “a week for a princess”  Our way of showing them how special they are, and how God has a purpose for them and what has happened to them can not stop what God can do.  It was our first one and it was phenominal.  I couldn’t believe how great it was.  I could go into all kinds of detail, but lets just say, it was life changing for them and for us. 

We are getting involved, in rescue, in after care, and in foster care.  Not only around the world but right in our own back yard.  Someone has to speak for those who can not speak for themselves, someone has to stand in the face of greed and perversion and say thats it, no more. 

I dare you to look into the face of these little ones, from 4 to 14 years of age, who are so resiliant and realize what has happened to them, and then try to keep your eyes shut.  If you can, somethings wrong with you.

We all need to be aware, we all need to resource and help those who are on the frontlines like ICA, like Hager, Like the IJM.  Jesus said suffer the little ones to come to me, he said it would be better to tie a heavy rock around your neck and through yourself into the river then to hurt one of these little ones.  If he was so passionate about kids, His heart must be for his church, and people everywhere, to love beyond their denial and open wide their eyes, and see the reality, realize its not a nightmare, its happening right now, and then act to stop it.

Stay tuned, and I’ll give you some ways you can help.



Headed home.


2 thoughts on “eyes wide open…

  1. Hello David.

    I’m wondering about what organization you are involved in. It sounds great. You’re exactly right. This is a real problem that most people simply aren’t aware of. If you could tell me more about what you are involved in, I would be glad to pray for you.

    God bless…

    Mystic Warrior

  2. mystic warrior,

    I am a Pastor with Church of the Harvest in Oklahoma City. http://www.harvestokc.com
    In the last two years we have developed what we call global reach, and we have begun to take on some of these issues that are so prevalent. We have and are partnering with some great organizations, like JMM, with ICA, and Hager, as well as compassion International. We are also working with Watoto ministries in Uganda, headed by Gary and Marylin Skinner.

    We are just trying to do our part to help those who need help, as well as, speak up for those who can not speak for themselves.

    We have done, medical teams, leadership conferences, built educational buildings, street ministry, working with Rescue teams in Ethiopia, and ministries in Cambodia to help bring hope to the forgotten Children.

    We would truly appreciate your prayer, and believe if we all work together we can change the world.


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