Guest blogg…Kerri…”

As I was preparing for the mission trip to Cambodia the scripture God gave me was Isaiah 3:1-2.  To bind up the broken hearted is truly the cry of my heart.  Today as we visited Tuol Slen and the Killing Fields the Lord took me back to Isaiah 3:3.  I love how He works.  The Cambodian people have gone through a horrible period in their recent history and yet as we have come in contact with the children and adults as well I am overwhelmed with the joy.  No matter the circumstance they have bright shining faces and willing hearts.   As we joined with them this evening for a Youth Rally I literally saw the fruit of God’s Word.  They were with whole hearts, hands lifted and voices singing unashamedly praising the MOST HIGH GOD.  What a privilege it is to see God is giving them beauty for ashes, joy instead of mourning, praise instead of despair.



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