An Amazing first Week…..

As I think about what to tell you in this blog, I ask myself what is the most important thing for you to know at this point.  I could list all of the things we have done, which have been incredible and life changing, but a list of things weve done would not do justice to what God has done in this team, and what He has used this team to do.  We have interacted with Christians to encourage, strengthen and teach them.  We have taught English classes to non Christian Students, which proved to be very interesting, we have worshipped with the believers at new life, and we have fellowshipped with the people of the church.

I Will just point out a couple of outstanding moments.  The first is the “youth Party”  This is New LIfe Fellowship’s bridge to get students into the church.  It is a night of music, fun, a message, and games.  Much like youth church at home.  The Leader asked Shane and Kelsi to have our team do the program.  So we did ice breakers, their team did praise and worship and Terry Fox played with them and Kelsi sang with them, and Kelly Ralstan wise the mc of the service, all of this with translation of course.  We had two people give testimonies, Travis Shaner and Kelly Kanali.  Then Shane spoke.  He did an incredible Job, the people responded really well.  We wrapped the night up with games….all the youth say…”poop deck”  They loved this game, Kelsi says that Jonathan Roberts has to see the video…it truly was halarious.

The Next day we had the opportunity to teach in a local college.  We were teaching English.  In the process of Teaching English, (trying to be creative), we decided to teach them the months of the year in the American Calendar.  Then Andrew begin to share about Hollidays in America and why we celebrate them.  Fourth of July, Valentines day. Then Christmas, he begin to share about Christmas, the Easter, it was a perfect evengelistice tool.  At the end of class period we had small interactive groups and they could ask us any questions.  You have to understand that much of these classes were field with Budhist monks, getting their education.  So we sat down in groups, and they begin to ask about Jesus.  It was amazing, many had never heard of Him, they did not know him as a religous figure nor as a historical figure, they literally had no context.  It was surreal.  So they begin to ask, who is Jesus?  What did He do?  Where was He from?  When did live?  Is He dead?  If he raised from the dead where is He?  What does Jesus Want us to do?

These were the questions they asked.  It was an incredible moment.  They were so open, and so interested, in Knowing about Jesus.  They Looked through my Bible, and ask me many questions, it was one of the best conversations of my life.  The funny thing is that we had not planned to do anything like this, and in different ways, using different methods it happen in every teams class.  It was awesome what God did, in using us to witness to them.  The picture you see on this blog page is that day.

We ministered in Church this weekend to hundreds of Cambodians and went to their cell groups.  There hearts are full of worship, and they are determined to help people, to share the love of Jesus, and to positively effect the culture of Cambodia.

The Journey Continues…tomorrow we head to the provinces.  Hopefully I will have internet access, but if not, I will write several blogs, when we get back.

We love you and appreciate your prayers.

God Bless you



One thought on “An Amazing first Week…..

  1. Good Morning David,
    This Amy Carter from High School. got your e-mail that you sall me on facebook, never been on facebook before, need to get set up I guess.

    What an amazing page you have hear to read, I am jellous! I am so proud of you and your team! I am believing someday to go on a mission trip, never have before.

    I am so proud of you and isn’t it awesome to serve an amazing God! You take care and I will be praying for you all!

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