Rewrite your personal History

“Rewriting Your Personal History”

I know it sounds impossible. As a matter of fact it is impossible. No one can change reality by rewriting history, right? The truth is we can’t but God can. We can’t go into our past and change it, we can’t act as if “those things” never happened, because they did, but we can change the direction of our history. What we do in our present determines our future and our future at some point will be our history.

God is capable of taking our lives and making them what he originally intended for them to be. No matter what we’ve done or experienced. He can change the direction of our lives.

Maybe the direction of your life is good, but there are areas in your life that you really want to see change. You want a second chance. The sad part about life is that a lot of times We don’t get a second chance. However that is what is so exciting about God. He is all about second chances. Having a relationship with Him gives us a second chance.

Do you remember the story in the Gospel of John chapter two and three where Nicodemus and Jesus are talking and Jesus tells him? “You must be born again.” Nicodemus asked, because he was thinking physically not spiritually, “can a man go back into his mothers womb and be born again?” Jesus response was man must be born physically and spiritually. When we come to know Jesus and have a personal relationship with Him, we are “born again”; we are given another chance, a chance to rewrite our personal history.

If you’re like me, every once in a while you think about your legacy. What will your children will take from your life as they go into their future? I want them to take principles of vision, hope, and discipline that will give them a promising future, a faith in God and His promises for them that will assure their success as a Christian and in life.

Can this really be true, though? Can we really get a second chance? I think of the apostle Paul. He wrote two thirds of the New Testament. He was one of the greatest New Testament figures, and many historians say was one of the three most intelligent men in history. He was an intellectual Jew, who belonged to the Sanhedrin and purposefully opposed Jesus as the Messiah. He stood by and watched Stephen be stoned to death, for professing Christ as the Messiah. He was fighting the Christian Cause with such passion he was having Christians thrown in Jail.

He was on one such journey, when Jesus revealed himself to Paul, and asked him what he was doing. After this encounter he committed His life to Christ, with such passion that even though he was persecuted, defamed, challenged, and ultimately executed for the cause of Christianity, he gave himself completely to it.

If you read Paul’s writings you read about a man who was full of Joy, who kept preaching even after being placed in prison. He wrote, he taught, he sang, he breathed this great gospel. God rewrote his personal history, and a man who would have been nothing more than a religious zealot opposing the Christian movement, was rewritten into a man that changed the world forever with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I have a relationship with Jesus, and he has rewritten my personal history, and yes there are constant revisions that need to be made, but my end will be better than my beginning I have no doubt. So let God Rewrite your personal history, and turn things around in your life.

What is your story?  Please share.




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