Are you kidding me….Lotteries exploiting gas prices?

I heard something I thought was funny and bordered on stupid.  It was a radio commercial, it played like this.  There is a man in his car with his wife and every hill he is coasting, she says what in the world are you doing?  He says, “just think of the money I’m saving in gas.”  Then the announcer comes on and says don’t let gas prices drive you crazy, then goes on to encourage you to buy a lottery ticket to win free gas.  This truly shows the heart of the benefactors of gambling.  Calling a man crazy for coasting, Which is funny and extreme, but then saying the sanest thing to do is spend your many on a chance to win gas.  This plays on our crazy thinking that we are somehow going to win major economic change.

It only truly comes through Good stewardship, good money management, and leaving below your means.  I think the commercial is crazy.

What do you think?



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