A Special Family…

Alex was the young man of 24 years whom we met at his shoe shop on the strip not far from the house we were staying in.  When I say shoe shop, it is a small area in front of a store front.  He started with 3 pairs of shoes and now has about 15 or 16 pair of shoes.  a good day is if he sales at least one pair, two or three pair would be a great day for him.

Alex, became a follower of Christ about one year and a half ago.  He was totally changed.  We saw pictures of him from before Christ and he doesn’t look like the same person.  Ive never seen anyone so physically changed as a result of conversion.  He looks mean and hateful before and now has visable joy and such exuberance in following Jesus.

He has the responsibility to care for His 18 year old sister, his 67 year old mother and his 10 month old daughter.  He was married but as soon as the baby, “praise” was born the mother ran off and they have not heard from her sense.

After doing ministry on the streets that night, he asked if we would bring a bible to his mother and share Christ with her.  We did so and took the a lot of food.  We road the botah (motor bikes) to their home, down some fairly treacherous roads, in the drizzling rain.  We arrived and walked down the alley, and into their home.  It was a small one and a half room home, but they were so proud to have us there and kept a very nice home.  We came in and brought them some food like sausages in a can, and crackers and cheese, as well as some sweets, and candy.  They were very happy.  There is not a lot of money to go around so sometimes they have days where they cant eat.

We gave them some other gifts as well.  His sister “Lukiah”  was a beautiful young lady and had a brilliant mind.  She spoke fluent, and articulate English.  I ask her what grade she was in and she said she had completed secondary and had tested to go to university, she had high marks and was accepted at the highest level.  I asked her when she started, she looked sad, and said, “no money.”  I was so upset, in this nation it is very important and really the only way above poverty is to get an education, which is a no win situation because the people who are in poverty can’t afford an education.  There education to us cost very little.  I was heartbroken, here is this brilliant young woman who is stuck.  She said, its ok, my brother, and she spoke of him and looked at him as if he was the worlds greatest hero, is looking out for us and if he can do that, i can watch the baby and take care of mother.  She had been going to school, but has had to come home, as a result of mom not being able to work because of health reasons, and this has truly effected their finances.

So Tyson gives her a bracelet, and then several more and said, “these are for your friends.”  She immediately dropped her head, began to cry and said, “i have no friends”, she explained to us that when she had to drop out of school all of her, “friends” began to make fun of her and not hang around her anymore.  There is a real stygma with being poor not getting an education.  They said she was cursed.

she really began to cry, She said, its ok, and she pointed to praise, who was sleeping in my arms, and said “praise is my friend, the baby is my friend.”  She said we will make it.  You must understand this girl was really sharp, she was so dynamic, so strong, Tyson and I were at our wits end to see her future robbed from her.  We said we will be your friend, which is little consolation.

So we all prayed together, and of course we are going to try to help her.  We had a chance to bless the mother and share the love of Jesus with her and she was so responsive, praise God.

In this nation, if she gets her education it could really change their entire situation.

So when you think about it, you might say a prayer for The mother, Lukia, Alex and Praise.  They are trying very hard, and working very hard, and I believe that God is going to bless Him and he is going to use us to do it.  Remember there are a thousand cases just like this and there is hope for the people of this nation wrapped up in the arising generations, lets do what we can to help them take that next step.

Lets not let poverty rob them of their future.



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