A world Class Team…

a world class team…. What a great two days we have had in the pastors conference, it has been a great experience. These pastors really want to make change, they really want to do great things, and they are so teachable, they are soaking it up. Tomorrow is my last day here in rwanda, then I go uganda to join the other team.

Can I just say, thank you pastor Kirk and Nancy. Thanks for being great leaders and teaching our people so well. This Rwanda Team is just incredible, harvest has the greatest people. Chad, Angeliegh, Roberta, Christa, Cameron, Chrystal, Stephanie, Cindy, Susie, and of course Bryson and Siearra. They have worked so hard they relate so well with the people here and they have spoken and they have been so great. We have such depth and true leadership in culture in our people. They are heros. Doing something to change the world.

We had right at 100 different pastors there today, all representing different churches. They were like sponges. It was emotionally overwhelming because the just draw it out of you.

Tomorrow we will be training childrens leaders, and pastors again, then having services for everyone. Sunday the team will be in churches as I travel to Uganda.
Monday we will start the medical clinics, and conduct those through the end of the week. God is so good, and we are priveledged to work for Him. If you are family of this team know that they are thinking of you, and you should be so proud of the work they are doing.

Chad spoke about connecting generationally
Angeliegh about reaching outside rwanda
Cameron about no limit living, no excuses, taking responsability
Roberta spoke on the value and importance of the local church, that girl can preach
Chrystal spoke on doing reaching out against injustice
Christa spoke on the importance of Childrens ministry in the church

Cindy, Stephanie and suzie will be speaking. This has been so good for them and for the people receiving.

I look forward to meeting up with the uganda team and work with them for a few days. I heard from misty that it is goig well. They have truly been impacted already.

Continue praying for us, believe God to use us to do more than we thought possible.

Africa is an absolutely beautful place and the people are some of the most endearing in the world.

God is good….I’m not doing many pictures because the internet here is very slow, We will put them up when we get home and you can see it all.



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