On our way to africa…

Well, we have made the transition from United States to United Kingdom and are currently awaiting a flight to the great continent of Africa. Our team is a great group of people, who absolutely love what we are doing. I met several people on the way over and am arriving at the conclusion that people want to change the world, or they want somebody to change the world. I guess the question is what does change look like to each person. One thing we can settle on is most people want injustices in the world made right. Everyone I’ve talked to so far, get really excited about what we are going to do.

Everything went great on our flights out of OKC, with the exception of the united express flight which was a tiny plain that made me feel like a giant, and I’m not very tall, and “hey no comments about my weight thank you,” can you say, discomfort.

We arrived in Chicago right on time and only waited a little over an hour before boarding, and flew a little over 7 hours to arrive here in London. I wish we had time to see the sights but the team will see that on their way back. This is a great place, and the people are awesome! Met some really nice guys from England that live a little north of Bradford. I’ve heard people say that the English do not appear friendly, which is not the case in my experience. They were computer software guys but were really intrigued about what we are going to do. They kept saying how great it was.

We tried to sleep on the plane but you know how that is, especially in coach, on and off. When we got to london we checked in and crashed in the floor and slept for a while. We are all up now doing different things and prepering for a nine hour flight to Nairobi, Kenya, where our team will split up. Several going to Uganda, and several to Rwanda.

We are all very excited to be here, but are ready to get there and get to work. Thanks to everyone who gave, or bought stuff, or told others about it so they would help. We really are grateful to all who made the investment to impact the world. We will give it our all, and make the strongest effort possible to Teach, train, work, give medical attention, and bring awareness to the issues of the day in Africa.


ps….look at the pics


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