And the journey Begins…

Last Sunday night we had our last real meeting in preparation for our trip to Africa. Everyone is excited, but a little nervous. Its a big deal to arrange your schedule, get your family settled, make sure everything is taken care of while you are gone. Just packing and making sure you are taking everything you need is very tedious.

The Greatest challenge is to prepare yourself for cultural differences. Things are very different there than here, and it takes some adjusting. Thats why we train our people to have an attitude of learning, and not go in with all the answers but with some questions.

We are keeping our eye on the goal….”bringing hope to the forgotten children.” Whether it is the orphans in Uganda, or the children whose families were ravaged by genocide in Rwanda, it is our goal to bring hope to them.  In Rwanda we are bringing hope through medical clinics for rural area communities, and teaching and training spiritual leaders.  In Uganda we will be building an educational facility for the Watoto village.  In Ethiopia we will be rescuing girls from human trafficking and placing them with a ministry that can provide so much for them.

Most importantly we are taking the love of Jesus to people who so desperately need it.  Love in word, and action.  It is our goal to address injustice and make changes.  We will do what we can, and i believe if everyone would do that consistantly we will have real change in our world.

I am looking forward to connecting with the families and friends that we have and the ones we are going to meet.  Be watching this blog for day to day information and pictures as we go through this journey.



One thought on “And the journey Begins…

  1. Wow. That’s quite a whirlwind trip you have planned. God bless as you prepare and embark on this journey.

    I have written a book about my experiences as a career missionary in Africa. It may help you get ready for some of the culture shock and some of the transitions your team will face along the way. You can read more about here

    If you have any other questions or need anything else, I’m game.


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