My Hero…

I love the show hero’s,  I haven’t watched it in a while, but the reason I love it, is it allows you to imagine what if i had this super power or that one, what would it be like.  I don’t know about you, but when I was a kid I was just like my six year old, She would love to be able to fly, I used to have dreams about flying.

Hero’s are great, they are bigger than life, and stronger than steal.  More courageous than a lion.  Real life hero’s although they don’t have supernatural powers, still seem bigger than us, more alive, more bright, and sharp.  It gives us this feeling that hero’s are people born to be hero’s.

lets think about it though when we think of a hero its about what they do. Usually what they do, anyone could do if they just made the choice to do it.  My hero for today, is my daughter Taylor.  She is 13 and an inspiring young lady.  She is right now in Mexico, working at orphanages, going to the dumps where people live, speaking to crowds of people about hope and faith.  She is inspiring, what makes her my hero, is something she said to me early this morning.  She said, “Dad i will never resist helping other people, I will never resist doing what God wants me to, even if it stretches me, because I know that what I do matters, and If I don’t do it, it keep others from the help they need.”

Yep, my hero, man I love that kid.  You should listen to your kids now and then, they might teach you something.



One thought on “My Hero…

  1. Great inspiration from a great super hero; your daughter! She has a great “super hero” role model in you my friend & I’m sure her mom too.

    Oh that more of us would live our lives with a passion for leaving people & places better than the way we find them!

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