Super Bowl…Super Tuesday

Wow!  What a game.  All I can say is the Giants came to play.  It is interesting, how people are motivated by being considered the underdog.  Coming from behind seems to drive us to push ourselves even beyond ourselves.  Every Giants player I heard interviewed said something to the effect of “no one gave us credit,” or, “No one thought we could beat the ‘perfect team.'”  I think they were more motivated by that, than by the fact they were playing a team with a perfect record, or that they were playing for the super bowl, the ultimate achievement for them.  It was more motivating to them to prove they should not be underestimated, they should not be counted out.  They proved it!

My dad used to always say, “the proof of the pudding is in the eating.”  We can say we’re going to do this or that, but doing it, is what makes it taste so great!  The ingrediants of this pudding were exceptional.  The sweet taste of defensive domination, and the beautiful presentation of offensive prowess, kept the Pats on their heals, and intimidated.

Make no mistake, the perfect team, played excellent, they were just out played.  Simply Outplayed.  What a victory.  Its also interesting to me, that what motivated them, “the underdog syndrom”  is what made the victory so sweet.  Every interview after the game was….“they said we couldn’t do it.  Well, we did!”  I love it.

It makes me wonder on super Tuesday will there be the same effect.  Obama on one side and Romney on the other, both facing significant odds but neither giving up.  They are facing established opponents, politcally worthy, both.  Listen to their speach, listen to their tone.  “We may be the underdog, but we believe we can do this. ” Its funny, we can be motivated by what people think, or what they believe or don’t believe about us, but when it comes down to it, its about what we believe about ourselves.

What are people counting you out about?  What old mind set is telling you, “your not good enough,” or ” you’re to old or to young.”  Who’s voice do you hear saying, “the odds are to great, or you don’t have enough experience.”  Let it be fuel to your fire and flowers to your victory.  Dream, believe, act, and achieve…..defy the odds!



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