Loving what you do…

It’s a known fact, people who love what they do are more productive, effective, efficient, and passionate about it. All of us have some aspect of our roles in life that are not enjoyable or that we wish we didn’t have to do, but for the most part we should truly be doing what we love. John Maxwell says, and I paraphrase, “life is to short, to be in a career you hate.”

There is so much resource in the world today to teach us how to maximize our potential and one of the things they all say, is love what you do. Be passionate about your role in life. There are way to many people in the world who are miserable. Miserable at work, miserable at home, miserable socially, they just don’t enjoy life. What a waste.

Many people who decide they are going enjoy life, go about it in a backward fashion. We think if we are miserable, there is an external reason. The boss doesn’t like us, or we don’t like the boss, so we are miserable. Our spouse doesn’t treat us right, or we’re tired of the way they act, that makes us miserable, they need to change! These are true life examples of how we think much of the time.

We can believe this or not, but when we are miserable, when we don’t love what we do, its not a matter of the job itself usually, or the boss, although there are good bosses and bad bosses out there. It comes down to a decision about our attitude. Our attitude about people, jobs, and relationships can be good or bad.

Loving what you do isn’t something that happens to you, its something you choose to do. I truly believe that if we chose to find things we love about our career, relationships, and people we connect with we would naturally be more productive, more creative, more effective, and happy.

Abraham Lincoln said, “To find good in people, all we need do is look for it.”

If our attitude presupposes that we are going to love what we do, even when its hard, we will look for the things that are good. So my encouragement to you is, don’t give up, or be discouraged with your path in life, or your relationships, but look for the good, and make a decision to love it and them, and see how it effects everything.

On a personal note, I love what I do. I work with people. Leading them, teaching them, and encouraging them. It can be difficult, even hard, because real people have real issues, but there can be nothing more rewarding than to live life, making a difference in the lives of others. In my own church, in the city, nation and even around the world.

The key to loving what you do, is make it less about you, and more about others, this change in perspective will help you find the significance in life, and reinforce your love for it.

So go enjoy it!



2 thoughts on “Loving what you do…

  1. Good words. Putting Compassion for one another and Passion for what we do together can only lead to enjoying our life. Thanks much for sharing your words and thoughts. We will visit your blog often — Good is happening here.

  2. Right on! If Jesus can see something in everyone that motivated Him to die for each one of us, then that’s what we should look for in our boss, spouse, friends, enemies, coworkers, etc. Thanks for the encouraging words.

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